Increasing Funding to Boost Reading, Writing, and Math

The provincial government is prioritizing the academic achievement of students by increasing Core Education Funding by over $745 million to $28.6 billion.

Ontario’s total investment in public education is rising to $29 billion, the largest investment in Ontario’s education system.

As we work to get back-to-basics in Ontario classrooms, we have stepped up with focused supports to boost math and literacy skills, along with student transportation and special education.

To ensure school boards up their game, all publicly funded school boards are now mandated and measured against Ontario’s new student achievement metrics that will:

  • Help students improve EQAO scores in reading, writing and math;
  • Prepare students for future success by raising their graduation rates, encourage more students to participate in job skills programs and take senior math and science courses; and
  • Improve student engagement and awareness of mental health supports.

We’re making the investments needed to support student success by more than doubling funding to build more schools faster, along with funding 3,000 additional front-line educators and 7,500 additional education workers since 2018.

Unlike the Liberals who closed schools and watered-down standards, this government is driving change as we go back-to-basics in Ontario classrooms. 

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