Services – How Can My Office Help You?

Assistance With Ontario Documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • Health card
  • Driver’s licence
  • Marriage certificates

Help Accessing Government Services or Assistance With Provincial Programs:

  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Family Responsibility Office (FRO)
  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)
  • Petitions to the Legislative Assembly
  • Programs and services for seniors
  • Health and Long-Term Care
  • Service Ontario

Congratulatory Certificates & Scrolls:

  • Anniversaries
  • Milestone birthdays
  • Retirement
  • New business openings
  • Assistance with certificate requests from the Office of the Premier

If you are looking for help accessing provincial government services, you’ve come to the right place — our team can help! Here are some other common requests:

Affidavits and Declarations

We are pleased to be able to offer Commissioner of Oaths services free of charge to the residents of York-Simcoe. Contact our office to make an appointment.

Congratulatory Certificates

We offer congratulatory certificates for residents celebrating a significant anniversary, birthday or other special occasion. We can also help you request a certificate from the Premier for a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary, retirement or the anniversary of your organization.

Attend an Event

Invite me to attend your event and bring greetings on behalf of the Government of Ontario.

Other Levels of Government

Municipal Government Services

  • Animal Control
  • By-law Enforcement
  • Subsidized Housing Issues
  • Land Use Planning
  • Local Public Transportation
  • Local Roads and Snow Removal
  • Noise Complaints
  • Ontario Works (Social Assistance) Application
  • Police & Fire Protection
  • Property Taxes
  • Recreation
  • Waste Collection & Recycling
  • Water & Sewer Service

Federal Government Services

  • Anniversary, Birthday and Special Event Scrolls
  • Banking Concerns & Issues
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Old Age Security
  • Census
  • Citizenship Issues
  • Criminal Law
  • Currency
  • Employment Insurance
  • Federal Income Tax & CRA
  • Foreign Policy & Foreign Relations
  • Immigration/Sponsorship/Visitors Visas
  • National Defence
  • Postal Service
  • Social Insurance Numbers