Strengthening Cyber Security and Protecting People Online

Safeguarding data and privacy in today’s increasingly digital world is a top priority for the Ontario government.

We are introducing legislation to better protect the data entrusted to us by the people of Ontario with additional data protections for children.

The proposed legislation would:

1. Strengthen cyber security across the public sector, including schools and hospitals, to enable faster and stronger coordination in responding to and recovering from cyber incidents.

2. Enhance privacy safeguards and establish ways to better protect children from inappropriate data use.

3. Improve online digital services so the people of Ontario can personalize service delivery and benefit from “tell us once” features like pre-populated fields and communications preferences that they won’t need to restate every time they need to interact with the government.

4. Introduce safeguards to ensure artificial intelligence (AI) systems are used responsibly in the public sector.

Ontario is committed to providing the right tools to quickly respond to cyber-attacks and emerging threats, keeping people safe from data and AI-related harms while supporting the growth of a safe and prosperous digital economy.

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